Channel 4 – TV Appearance – How to live mortgage free!


Did you catch us on Channel 4?

So excited to see us on How to Live Mortgage Free with Sarah Beeny”.

We were overwhelmed with the response on social media and the press!


The Story

Story starts when a production company found our book: Murder Your Mortgage in 7 Years. 

We set a date and filming started on a Saturday morning.

Channel 4 TV Crew

The day started with set up and then interview on the sofa.

We were a little nervy and had a few takes!


Cutaway/ B-roll Shots

Relief! Interviews over, we then filmed shots around & outside the house, reaction shots, gesture shots etc.

The cameraman shared our spaghetti carbonara lunch – he was a great guy, which helped a lot!

All in all it took around 6 hours.


Channel 4 TV Crew Outside our House


Channel 4 Broadcast

On holiday in Italy, we got confirmation of the broadcast date – feeling really nervous!

How would we look? Would it be embarrassing? Did we come across OK?

Wednesday 8pm Channel 4: Carla, the girls, my mum and sisters sat around the TV – tension!


How Did We Do?

We were really pleased with the result and got a great reaction.

People said we came across well and our house actually looked pretty nice!



The show is now available on Netflix!

Netflix logo

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Murder Your Mortgage in 7 Years Book



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