Pay off mortgage. Done. Now what?


Pay off mortgage. Done. Now what?

The ‘after’ plan wasn’t key in my thoughts, but now I’m here.


Early on, I thought I’d leave my job, travel, buy a new car etc etc.

In reality it was a confusing time.


But I had 2 key thoughts.


1. Superstrengths

A careers advisor told me that we all have ‘superstrengths’ : things that we do better, faster and more easily than others. This is the vicinity we should be in: our career focus. Forget trying to work on weaknesses. Work with your strengths.


2. Boldness

On a walk by the Embankment I came across a war memorial. At the foot it said, “The boldest moves are the safest”. Counterintuitive, because aren’t bold moves risky? But I like it.


So what should I do?


Superstrengths: writing, creative, entrepreneur.

Bold move: leave my job and start again.


…and that’s what I did.



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  1. Hi Orall, I’m working on a programme for channel 4 and would love to have a chat about your amazing mortgage feat! Please get in touch and I’ll explain what we’re doing.
    Kindest regards, Alice

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