She Called Me a Sheep!


A girl once called me a sheep. That hurt.

We don’t like being called ‘clones’ do we?

After paying off the mortgage in 7 years I wondered why I did it, but others didn’t.

Am I unique in some way?

I mean:

  • I don’t die for coffee
  • I don’t have an iPhone
  • I don’t buy Nike or Converse
  • I don’t much use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • I try not to start sentences with “So…
  • I don’t say “like” too often
  • I don’t have any tattoos
  • If I was a woman I don’t think I’d have Amy Winehouse ‘cat flicks’

People are social beings and so it’s good to follow, but sometimes it’s bad.


There’s a marketing magazine called ‘The Drum’.

Their strapline is “Marketing Can Change the World”.

That worries me.

There are people in the magazine who say they’re experts in manipulating you.


I say: be a disruptor.




Book: Murder Your Mortgage in 7 Years

Book - Murder Your Mortgage in 7 Years

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