To Do List


1    and give to google

1 learn how to fill in yeost SEO forms when site is pretty much there

1 make sure images are OK to use

1 after/ during SEO optimisation analyse peoples snipets & work out why they rank

2 get more MCQs

2 add in menus to home page

3 video links (take a break – sort of. Watch videos if you’re fed up with revising) – kahneman, mcq technique lbcc?, check the whatsapp feed

3 a bit more colour

3 fix up the page layouts – p40 in dont make me think book (headings, bullets, heading size, heading space)

3 evolutionary psychology page is a bit of a mess – have another go at fixing?

3 pics in pages e.g. key relevant psychologists

3 add in fill in blanks list

3 get feedback from kamile etc & make improvements

3 add in sponsorship e.g. grammerly

3 how else to monetise site e.g. special access to essay plans/ something orall created of real value?

3 about me page


Review: an article or study that largely reviews a number of other studies

BUT: a contradictory study (a study that contradicts the previous body of evidence)

ALTHOUGH: a study that contradicts the contradiction, often supporting the original evidence – good for evaluation and discussion!

ARTICLE: summary an article found via google scholar, openathens or provided by lecturer

>> : ‘leads to’

bet. : between

[ ] – a side note, disregard or optional

You lucky people! I’ve put all my notes on a new website:

It has theory summaries, MCQs, exam questions and essay plans.

All textbooks mentioned are on the course reading lists.

If you’re pushed for time or want to get ahead, check it out!

If you get any other good links/ resources I can put it on there.