University Success!


University success – I’ve finished my Psychology Masters degree!

See the

University of East London feature

& the Lancaster University feature


After 2 years of lectures, exams and a 10,000 word thesis, it’s all over.

The decision to go back to Uni looked like a massive step.


– Could I handle the exams?

– Was the step too big?


But I love Psychology…

Thatcher Effect


“why didn’t I see this before?”


… and I’m proud that I’ve completed my masters degree.

Remember: the boldest moves are the safest! (see this blog post)


Best thing was the people I met and our pub outings…

Getting distinctions in the exams also boosted my confidence.


If you’re thinking about going back or need a change, why not?

There’s now help with finance (which I didn’t have – lucky people)!


Book: Murder Your Mortgage in 7 Years

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